New studio mix – 30 minutes of Philth

It’s about time I uploaded a new mix. And I’ve worked out a new format that will enable me to share many more mixes – limiting myself to 30 minutes! I spend far too long obsessing over every study mix I do, I want it to be the perfect journey through all the tunes I’m feeling at the moment… When I was doing the radio regularly I would just press records and mix. This new series will be somewhere in the middle. A 30 minute set that shows the new tunes I’m feeling, mixed live on 3 CDJ’s in my studio at home. A new mix every month means lots of opportunity to play new music, and will keep me on track so you guys get a new mix every month without fail. Here’s the first chapter, uploaded to Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

1) Altered Perception and Zach Herer – The Rain (Philth remix)
2) Mako – Moonlight (Break remix)
3) Retraflex, Philth, Mystic State and Ryps ft Hannah Eve – Reflections
4) Nymfo – Coming Through
5) Blu Mar Ten – Remembered Her Wrong (Anile remix)
6) Noel – Puzzle
7) Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone
8) Marcus Intalex – Out of Touch
9) DBR UK – Paranoia
10) Gerra and Stone – Too Deep
11) Tephra and Arkoze – Reactive
12) Submorphics – Long Been Gone
13) Foreign Concept – Endless Fade
14) Wreckless – Street Lights
15) Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei remix)
16) KAI – See Through You
17) Klax – Blackball
18) Hazard – Death Sport
19) Philth – Murderation
20) Kasra and SPY – Surface

30 minutes of Philth - Oct14 by Philthdj on Mixcloud

Flexout Audio – Logarithmic 2 LP

I’m very happy that the second Logarithmic LP is nearly here. Some of you may remember ‘The Sign’ ft Dubz D on the first album last year. This time around I have two tracks on the album – the eagerly awaited ‘Murderation’, and ‘Reflections’, a collaboration between myself, Retraflex and Mystic State featuring Hannah Eve on vocals. Check the album teaser and see if you can spot my tunes!

Central Beatz 19/09/14

I’ve been invited up North to play for the Central Beatz crew. Looking forward to my first visit to Leeds! For full event info check the event page here:

Central Beatz banner


Peer Pressure x Flexout

Just one week to go until the first Peer Pressure party. I cannot wait to let off the new music I have been working on!

Get tickets here:</a

Peer Pressure Plan B 010814

I’m Tired of being told to wake up by people talking in their sleep….

Tired of hearing people calling other people sheep…

When I was a young boy I bought a tape of DJ Hype and MC GQ playing at World Dance. It made me want to be a DJ. Today my song ‘Tired’ written with P-Fine has been released on Hype’s label Playaz. Today is a good day!


You can buy The Flavours EP vol. 7 from all online stores, including DIRECT FROM PLAYAZ, BEATPORT and iTUNES. What you can’t buy online is the limited edition (1/1) print that my brother made for me. Thanks Matt!

Tired print

Hyroglifics and Philth – The Forest

My latest release is a team up with the rapidly rising star Hyroglifics aka The Whippersnapper. You can purchase The Forest on Beatport, iTunes, and all other online stores.

forest man

Video – live from Plan B

Massive thanks go out to everybody who came to my launch party at Plan B! The video is now online for you to watch – look out for your smiling faces!

Your Love / Souzou

Very happy to tell you that my latest release is out now on Dispatch Recordings!! Two very different moods, but both coming from a place of inspiration. Check the tunes on Soundcloud, and click the artwork to purchase from iTunes.

The Beasts

My first release this year is now available in all online stores – The Beasts on Flexout Audio.

Tune Of The Week #16

My first favourite of the year is simply outrageous. Metalheadz are bringing through the new breed of jungle talent, this release is a collaborative effort from Mako, DLR, Villem, and label manager Ant TC1. Both sides are cutting edge DnB of the highest quality. The drop on ‘A Certain Flavour’ is simply devastating and makes it my first tune of the week in 2014.

Mako, DLR, Villem – ‘A Certain Flavour’


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