Addictive Behaviour @ Work Bar – 24/09/16

On Saturday night I’m playing in London for the first time in aaaaaaages….

And I have also got a very special guest coming to join me on the mic. No clues, no surprises, just know he is one of the best.

See you there!



Philth Tangent – live set from Sun and Bass

Tuesday night at Sun and Bass and I messaged Phil Tangent to ask if he wanted to get some food together. His reply: “Can’t mate – just found out I’m playing first set tonight. Fancy going b2b?”

Ambra Night is my favourite club in the whole world. Of course I wanted to play the set! 

So it turns out that our first set as Philth Tangent happened at Sun and Bass. What a way to kick things off. But when we got to Ambra Night it was already starting to rain, and the sound engineers were taping plastic sheets to the table above the decks! It was pretty mad playing at the beginning of a storm. They actually had to close the stage 15 minutes after we finished. The engineers were covering the decks with the sheets as much as possible, which is pretty confusing when you’re playing b2b on 3 decks. At one point the engineer had to wipe the rainwater off one of the decks – but it was still playing. Have a listen and see if you can spot it.

I’ve wanted to play at Ambra Night for years, and we were both really happy it was at Bailey’s night. Big thanks to all of you guys who danced in torrential rain to watch our debut Philth Tangent set – the first of many!

2015 End of Year Mix

My pick of 2015’s finest DnB.

Cordyceps music video – Drum and Bass Arena exclusive

The video for Cordyceps has just dropped. You can check it here via Drum and Bass Arena.

Screenshot 2015-12-02 18.03.08

Sun and Bass 2015

After 6 months of keeping it a secret, I can finally tell you I am playing at Sun and Bass this year. If you’re out there come and say hi – I’m the pink guy with orange hair!

This is the full lineup. Looking forward to ten days in paradise.

SnB lineup

Guest show on Kool London – 16/07/15

Last week I was invited to play a guest show on the legendary Kool London. I’ve been listening to Kool for 20 years so it was an honour to talk about my music and mix live on the airwaves. I want to say a huge thanks to Chef for bringing me on as his special guest.

The show is now up on Mixcloud. Listen back to hear some of my forthcoming music on Peer Pressure Records, Flexout, AutomAte Spearhead Records and Dispatch Recordings.

This is also the first set where you can hear my forthcoming collabs with Collette Warren, Riya, Fats & DRS, and Agman Gora. Tonnes of new music!

Dispatch Recordings label mix

I was asked to record this month’s Dispatch Recordings label mix… I rammed it full of as many tracks as I could squeeze into an hour, mostly fresh music but a few classics as well. The rolling Dispatch sound.

Destroyer / Genocide

My latest release is out now on AutomAte Tech

Grooves 011 – vinyl promo mix

Grooves banner

I’m really looking forward to my vinyl set at Grooves this weekend. I’ve been digging through the crates and pulling out so many classic tunes. This mix will give you a taste of my old favourites.

Pre-order ‘The Cosmos’

My new EP on Dispatch Recordings is released in one week… You can pre-order directly from the label to receive the EP before anybody else.

Huge thanks to Chris at LDPix for the simply incredible artwork!