Since releasing his 100th track in 2017 Philth said he stopped counting, but the prolific artist has shown no sign of slowing down and continues to release music which reaches across the drum & bass scene, from smooth sultry grooves to tweaked-out tech stompers. The array of labels Philth has released on demonstrates his versatile sound: crew-status at Dispatch & Integral; tracks for scene stalwarts Spearhead, CIA, Playaz, Renegade Hardware, Chronic & Fokus; and regular appearances on next-gen imprints Flexout, Lifestyle and Peer Pressure.


The last few years have seen a stream of collaborative projects, including the chart-topping ‘Babylon Sound’ EP with Bredren, deep soul voyages with Phil Tangent as Phil:osophy and the ribcage crushing ‘Heimlich EP’ with long-term associate Wreckless. Connections with MC Fats, Collette Warren, Sense MC and Becca Jane Grey have affirmed his deft touch with vocals and ability to bring emotive songs to the dancefloor, demonstrating his versatility while maintaining consistency across his steady output.


But all the while he has been cherry-picking his favourites and hoarding a vast body of work, now ready to be unleashed as his debut album on Dispatch Recordings. ‘Moments in Time’ is made up of two LP’s of music, and displays the full range of the Philth sound while exploring new depths of emotion and ambient soundtrack-inspired works. Some of the usual suspects are called in for collaborations and vocal features, but there is a deeply personal streak running through the album with soul-searching vocals alongside the powerful basslines. Supported on dub by Goldie and road-tested by Philth & Ant TC1 over the last year, ‘Moments in Time’ can be now heard in the sets of long-time supporters Bailey, Marky, Randall, Artificial Intelligence and the extended Dispatch family. The album showcases an artist on top of his game and will surely elevate Philth into the upper reaches of the genre.


Known for his energy and commitment on three CDJ’s, Philth presents the drum & bass he loves in his own unique way, his sets veering from future soul to pulsating tech-funk in the blink of an eye – keeping audiences on their toes from start to finish with a mixture of smooth blends, sudden switches and his trademark razor sharp cuts. The longer he plays, the deeper he digs, always happy to resurrect the rolling Wormhole sound that inspired him from an early age. Based in London, in recent years he has toured the US and Australia along with regular trips across Europe’s club circuit and all over the UK. Wherever his music has taken him Philth has travelled with boundless enthusiasm and an arsenal of exclusive material. A true DJ who lives for the art of mixing.