Peer Pressure Records frontman, Dispatch Recordings rising star, and Riya’s “favourite Ginger”, Philth presents an unpredictable yet assured take on modern drum & bass. Refusing to be typecast to the sound his name suggests, he is equally at home on Spearhead Records as he is Renegade Hardware, both as a DJ and in the studio. Philth combines widescreen imagery with precision engineering, he never loses sight of the dancefloor but retains the human touch with a sound that can touch your soul while rattling your ribcage with a bassline straight out of 1999.
Rugged yet beautiful, instinctively exploring the grey areas between sub-genres, his music has drawn support from across the scene. The range of DJ’s playing Philth tracks in their sets is a testament to his versatility, with support from Bailey, Marky, Hype, Randall, Fabio, Jubei, Artificial Intelligence, SCAR, Ant TC1, Total Science, Krust, and Noisia Radio.
Over the last two years Philth has released a steady stream of EP’s across some of the genres most respected labels, with his cinematic vision giving us The Beasts, The Cosmos, The Elements, The Circle and most recently The Mammoth, which drew heavy support from London Elektricity. In the midst of this series he has delivered Attenborough-inspired singles with sparring partner Agman Gora, the anthem ‘Don’t Let Go’ and follow up VIP with regular collaborator Collette Warren, and made numerous guest appearances most notably on Riya’s ‘Sublimation’ LP and the subsequent Deluxe Edition. With forthcoming music in 2017 featuring collaborations with Phil Tangent, Facing Jinx, Sense MC & Codebreaker, Hannah Eve, HLZ and The Invaderz he shows no sign of letting up the pressure as he builds towards an album project of his own.
“I want to create music that tells a story, music with strong emotional content. Even if the end result is a wall of bass, the track still needs to have some soul, music with the depth to stand the test of time.”
Known for his energy and commitment on three CDJ’s, Philth presents the drum & bass he loves in his own unique way, his sets veering from future soul to pulsating tech-funk in the blink of an eye – keeping audiences on their toes from start to finish with a mixture of smooth blends, sudden switches and his trademark razor sharp cuts. The longer he plays, the deeper he digs, always happy to resurrect the rolling Wormhole sound that inspired him from an early age. Based in London, his music has taken him across Europe, with regular appearances in Germany and at Sun and Bass, and recently his US debut in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Wherever his music has taken him Philth has travelled with boundless enthusiasm and an arsenal of exclusive material. A true DJ who lives for the art of mixing.