Short but sweet this week. I’m sat at home sorting out the tracklist for my End of Year mix and just thinking about how much happier I am since I made the switch maybe 18 months or so ago. I’ve tried everything over the years, starting on vinyl, CD’s (burning CD’s is the worst), Traktor, Serrato, time-coded vinyl & CD’s, controllers….

I love being able to prep all my folders. I select fresh music specifically for every gig, and I’m even happier that I don’t have to set up my laptop before a set. Being able to update my music so easily is meaning I practice more, and I feel more confident when I go out to play gigs.


DJ’s using other platforms, give it a try. I’m very happy.

Big up to all of you who have been following these blog posts so far. I promise I will start sharing some technical tips at some point, get ready for screenshots, graphs, diagrams, spreadsheets… in my day job I work as a college teacher so I have plenty to share in 2017.

Happy New Year!


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