End of Year Mix 2014

It’s that time of year. Time to look back and reflect. 2014 has been a great year for our music. So many great albums, top quality music from all areas of the scene.

I can’t believe a year has gone so quickly! This time last year I found it hard to choose my favourites – when I went through my CD wallet today it was harder than ever to pick 5 tunes per month. Sometimes you get 6, 7, 8…. It shows what a good year it’s been for Drum & Bass. I’m very excited for 2015!

Ivy Lab – Missing Persons
Mako, DLR, Villem, Ant TC1 – Hungry for Atmosphere
>> Response – Surveillance
Philth – Your Love
Dose and Disphonia – Stateside
Philth – The Game (Tech VIP)
Quadrant and Iris – Depth Sounder

Philth and Wreckless – Daywalker
EastColors – Toys
Ivy Lab – Baby Grey
Total Science and Grimm – Another Time
Arp XP and Maurs – Keep Your Head Up High
Seba – Life Is

Level 2 – Montara
Skeptical and Collette Warren – Desire
Skeptical and Collette Warren – Always Been Mine
Break and DLR – New Design
SCAR – Burnside
Nickbee – I Say You

Emperor and Mefjus – Disrupted
DLR, Nymfo, Needs for Mirrors, HLZ – Totem
Emperor and Mefjus – Void Main Void
Hyroglifics – Torus
Need for Mirrors and HLZ – Mother of Pearl
Wreckless – Street Lights

Klute ft KLOSE – My Black and White (Calibre remix)
Ivy Lab and Hydro ft Frank Carter III and Lucy Annika – Make It Clear
Calibre ft DRS – Letting Go
Dub Phizix and Skeptical – Deeper Love
Hyroglifics – Soundboy (MTWN remix)
Bredren – Mechanica

Hazard – Time Tripping
S.P.Y – Riding the Void
Nymfo – Worms
Philth and P.Fine – Tired
Maztek – Sinestesia
Xtrah – No Good

HLZ – Blue Sand
>> Ulterior Motive – M.I.R
Dabs – Objection VIP
Optiv, BTK and Black Sun Empire – Heartshaped
>> Noisia – Stamp Out
Noisia – Shaking Hands
Audio – Stampede
Neve ft Zubee – All Spark (Philth remix)

Break – Groove With It
DBR UK – Paranoia
Philth – Murderation
Wreckless – Dreaming
Ulterior Motive – Tape Pack
Philth, Mystic State, Retraflex and Ryps ft Hannah Eve – Reflections
>> Nymfo – Coming Through

Blu Mar Ten – Remembered Her Wrong (Anile remix)
Total Science ft Grimm – So Addicted
Gerra and Stone – Too Deep
Cern – Tiamat
>> Noel – 3 Steps
Mako – Moonlight (Break remix)

Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone
S.P.Y and Total Science – Double Trouble
Definate – Reminiscence
Quadrant, Kid Hops and Iris – Microsleep
Klax – Blackball
Ulterior Motive – INTA National

Dom and Roland – Hear My Call (Nocturnal remix)
Jubei ft dBridge – These Things VIP
Boston ft Solis – Go With Me
Audio -Gotham
>> Survival – Dub Soldier (Outlook VIP)
Xtrah and DLR – Direct Approach
Audio – Break It

Billain – Macula
Break – Temptations
Subtension – AK47
Spectrasoul – Ben
Philth and Collette Warren – Back In Time
Phil Tangent – Rinjani
Philth and Collette Warren – Don’t Let Go

30 minutes of Philth – November

The next instalment in my series, and it’s a nasty one. Featuring lots of forthcoming tunes and of course a sprinkling of classics. The mix features some exclusive first listens to some of my forthcoming music. The Cosmos EP will be released on Dispatch Recordings early 2015, and The Elements will be on Peer Pressure in hopefully March.

This mix was first featured by The Deep End Collective, you can check them out here: https://www.facebook.com/deependcollective

1) Facing Jinx – Facade [Peer Pressure]
2) Jubei ft dBridge – These Things VIP
3) Bredren – LRC
4) Scar – So Suddenly
5) Concept Vision + Segment – Deserted
6) Bassment – Integral [Peer Pressure dub]
7) Quadrant + Iris – Genesis Wave
8) Ed Rush & Optical – Wormhole
9) Philth – Fire [Peer Pressure dub]
10) Ed Rush + Optical – Medicine (Matrix remix)
11) Noel – Puzzle
12) Eastcolors – Murderer (Audio + Meth remix)
13) Audio – Break It
14) Xtrah + DLR – Direct Approach
15) Icicle – Late Hours VIP
16) Bredren + Philth – Ghost Palace [Blendits dub]
17) Ed Rush + Optical – Kerbcrawler
18) SPY – Riding the Void
19) Nymfo – Worms
20) Realtime – Derpetroid [Peer Pressure dub]
21) Ulterior Motive – The Rattler
22) Quadrant, Kid Hops + Iris – Microsleep
23) Philth + Bredren – The Hunted [Dispatch Recordings dub]
24) Ulterior Motive – INTA National
25) Trace – Sonar
26) Audio – Gotham
27) Philth – Souzou VIP [Dispatch Recordings dub]

New studio mix – 30 minutes of Philth

It’s about time I uploaded a new mix. And I’ve worked out a new format that will enable me to share many more mixes – limiting myself to 30 minutes! I spend far too long obsessing over every study mix I do, I want it to be the perfect journey through all the tunes I’m feeling at the moment… When I was doing the radio regularly I would just press records and mix. This new series will be somewhere in the middle. A 30 minute set that shows the new tunes I’m feeling, mixed live on 3 CDJ’s in my studio at home. A new mix every month means lots of opportunity to play new music, and will keep me on track so you guys get a new mix every month without fail. Here’s the first chapter, uploaded to Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

1) Altered Perception and Zach Herer – The Rain (Philth remix)
2) Mako – Moonlight (Break remix)
3) Retraflex, Philth, Mystic State and Ryps ft Hannah Eve – Reflections
4) Nymfo – Coming Through
5) Blu Mar Ten – Remembered Her Wrong (Anile remix)
6) Noel – Puzzle
7) Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone
8) Marcus Intalex – Out of Touch
9) DBR UK – Paranoia
10) Gerra and Stone – Too Deep
11) Tephra and Arkoze – Reactive
12) Submorphics – Long Been Gone
13) Foreign Concept – Endless Fade
14) Wreckless – Street Lights
15) Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei remix)
16) KAI – See Through You
17) Klax – Blackball
18) Hazard – Death Sport
19) Philth – Murderation
20) Kasra and SPY – Surface