New studio mix – 30 minutes of Philth

It’s about time I uploaded a new mix. And I’ve worked out a new format that will enable me to share many more mixes – limiting myself to 30 minutes! I spend far too long obsessing over every study mix I do, I want it to be the perfect journey through all the tunes I’m feeling at the moment… When I was doing the radio regularly I would just press records and mix. This new series will be somewhere in the middle. A 30 minute set that shows the new tunes I’m feeling, mixed live on 3 CDJ’s in my studio at home. A new mix every month means lots of opportunity to play new music, and will keep me on track so you guys get a new mix every month without fail. Here’s the first chapter, uploaded to Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

1) Altered Perception and Zach Herer – The Rain (Philth remix)
2) Mako – Moonlight (Break remix)
3) Retraflex, Philth, Mystic State and Ryps ft Hannah Eve – Reflections
4) Nymfo – Coming Through
5) Blu Mar Ten – Remembered Her Wrong (Anile remix)
6) Noel – Puzzle
7) Foreign Concept – When You’re Alone
8) Marcus Intalex – Out of Touch
9) DBR UK – Paranoia
10) Gerra and Stone – Too Deep
11) Tephra and Arkoze – Reactive
12) Submorphics – Long Been Gone
13) Foreign Concept – Endless Fade
14) Wreckless – Street Lights
15) Skeptical – Cold One (Jubei remix)
16) KAI – See Through You
17) Klax – Blackball
18) Hazard – Death Sport
19) Philth – Murderation
20) Kasra and SPY – Surface

Shadows VIP – free download

On Sat 18th January I am hosting a very special party at Plan B in Brixton – celebrating the launch of The Beasts on Flexout Audio….

My set on the night is being hosted by the Midland’s finest, MC P-Fine. We’ve teamed up to give you a VIP vocal remix of my track Shadows, and it is yours to download for free. Just enter your email address after following the link below, and turn it up LOUD!!

I can’t wait for the launch party – see you at the bar!!