Tune Of The Week #16

My first favourite of the year is simply outrageous. Metalheadz are bringing through the new breed of jungle talent, this release is a collaborative effort from Mako, DLR, Villem, and label manager Ant TC1. Both sides are cutting edge DnB of the highest quality. The drop on ‘A Certain Flavour’ is simply devastating and makes it my first tune of the week in 2014.

Mako, DLR, Villem – ‘A Certain Flavour’

Tune Of The Week #14

This week featured an album that I will be playing for a long time to come: Blu Mar Ten ‘Famous Lost Words’…
Unable to choose one favourite, I’ve decided to make this my album of the week. It features many of BMT’s trademark smooth vocal rollers, but also packs a punch with some moody tech steppers, and of course some forward-thinking future beats. Strongly recommended, check out the LP.

Blu Mar Ten – Famous Lost Words

Tune Of The Week #13

It’s been a long time coming, but Nightlife 6 has arrived. This time around Andy has decided one mix isn’t enough, and there are THREE DJ mixes, with a ridiculous amount of new tunes (100+??) showing the full spectrum of Drum + Bass. Of course, that means Ram Records have released a series of EP’s featuring some of this brand new exclusive music. There are some amazing tunes, but this one is just stupid! It does exactly what it says on the tin, and makes me bounce off the walls. Peak-time smasher!

Dose – Bounce Off

Tune Of The Week #12

Transit 2 has arrived. Dispatch Recordings deliver their second compilation LP and have pooled the talents of some of the most exciting producers in the tech side of the scene. Longtime Dispatch soldiers are joined by fresh new talent for a journey through the dark side. The lead track sees Skeptical working his magic with vocals once again. The intro is sparse, creating the build up through subtle tension and the drop does not disappoint. In fact it disgusts!

Amoss ft MC Fokus – The Shapeshifter (Skeptical remix)

Tune Of The Week #10

This weeks sees the release of the long-awaited Jubei album on Metalheadz. And it doesn’t disappoint! The whole album is an expertly crafted collection of razor sharp future beats built on a foundation of classic junglist vibes. Picking a favourite tune proved almost impossible but this is one of many. Minimal eerie intro, haunting vocals for dBridge, and then the drop tears your head off – but with precision. An amazing track from a fantastic album. Check ‘To Have And Have Not’ in full.

Jubei ft dBridge – These Things