Philth Tips #9 – look after your ears

I go to sleep every night with this App playing white noise (my favourite is rainfall) next to my head. Why? Because thanks to such legendary sound systems as The End and Fabric, my ears ring all the time.

I have tinnitus. It sucks. I haven’t heard silence for about 10 years. If you attend clubs regularly get yourself some earplugs, I use ACS Customs which are moulded to my ears, but you can also get ER20’s for £10-20 and they’re fine. If you already have tinnitus look for this Phonak App and hopefully it will help you to sleep!

It’s Tinnitus Awareness Week this week. Have a read and learn more here:

This is a major problem in our industry. We spend every weekend in nightclubs and during the week batter our ears in the studio. Of course we should turn it down and monitor at sensible levels but it’s not that simple when you’re in a club. This article from UKF talks to some industry leaders about their experiences with tinnitus:
Optical has always been a hero of mine, a pioneer of the scene. To hear that tinnitus almost ended his career should be enough to make you wake up and start looking after your ears. 

I have been using ACS Pro 17’s for about 5 years or so. I’m no audiologist but if you want to ask me anything about earplugs or tinnitus please feel free to get in touch, I’m happy to try to help out.

30 Minutes of Philth – December 2016

My last mix of 2016. Full of mince pies and other Xmas goodness. Download it and grab the mistletoe and mulled wine.


1) Philth and Agman Gora – Death From Below
2) Agressor Bunx – Club Shake
3) Agressor Bunx – The Curse
4) Current Value – Pelham 123
5) Noisia, Ed Rush and Optical – Brain Bucket
6) Chris SU – Solar Eclipse
7) Audio – Overdose
8) Audio – Food Chain
9) DLR – When Tribes Collide
10) Ed Rush and Optical – Wormhole
11) DLR – Trip Up
12) Audio and Inside:Info – Recluse
13) Survival and Silent Witness – Trust No One
14 ) Matrix and Fierce – Climate
15) DLR and Ant TC1 – The Grip (DLR’s Tripped Out VIP)
16) Nymfo – Coming Through (Quadrant, Iris and Ant TC1 remix)
17) Noisia – Facade VIP
18) Signal – Indirect VIP
19) Signal – Parallax
20) Tephra and Arkoze – Feelings
21) Alix Perez – Recall and Reflect
22) Survival and Script – Sahara
23) Frequency – White on Black
24) Matrix – Temperament
25) Noisia – Sandworm
26) Alix Perez and Zero T – The Ladders
27) Riya ft Philth – Silhouette
28) Bad Company – The Pulse
29) Ed Rush and Optical – Medicine (Matrix remix)
30) Noisia – Monster