Tech Top Ten

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 20.55.06

These tunes are doing damage in my sets at the moment. Ten of the top techiest tunes! Click the image above to buy them on Beatport.

1) Philth – Destiny
2) Incognito – Reckless
3) Survival + Silent Witness – The Wall
4) Kai – Awake In The Night
5) Stealth – Scrummage
6) Frankee – Black Heart
7) Audio – Bag Of Bones
8) Philth – Overload
9) Wreckless – Sun Phobia
10) Ruffhouse – Greyscale

Tune Of The Week #4

This week’s tune of the week is incredibly exciting to an old git like me. For somebody who has spent the week listening to the recently re-released Molten Beats, this is just what I want to hear on Ram. Frankee has dropped this techy funky roller, a throwback to the classic Ram sound of the late 90’s. My tune of the week and guaranteed to be a big part of my sets for a long time.

Frankee – Black Heart