Tune Of The Week #4

This week’s tune of the week is incredibly exciting to an old git like me. For somebody who has spent the week listening to the recently re-released Molten Beats, this is just what I want to hear on Ram. Frankee has dropped this techy funky roller, a throwback to the classic Ram sound of the late 90’s. My tune of the week and guaranteed to be a big part of my sets for a long time.

Frankee – Black Heart

Tune Of The Week #3

So this week I’ve cheated. There are two tracks that have blown me away, and I’m going to pick them both as my Tune Of The Week. However – they’re on the same label, and in fact on the same release! Impossible to choose between two expertly executed tech rollers – with an all-star cast of collaborators. From a label at the top of the game right now, Dispatch 070 is my pick this week.

A. DLR, Hydro, Villem & Mako “The Formula”
AA. Villem, Linden, Fields & Mako “Saturate”