Babylon Sound

Babylon Sound artwork

My latest EP is a very special one for me – written with my close friends Bredren and on a label that has been pushing my sound since the very start, Flexout Audio.

We wrote the EP over the course of a long weekend last December, via visits to Innersoul and 1985 nights to soak up some vibes and the DnB Awards to celebrate it’s completion and soak up some rum! Four tracks that sum up what we love about drum & bass music and really demonstrate our sound – the Babylon Sound.

The response to the EP has been absolutely amazing, huge thanks to you guys out there supporting. Our launch party was rammed out and full of vibes, and the EP is selling so well that we have poked our head out from the world of DnB and are currently chilling with the house and techno boys in the Top Ten Releases all-genres on Beatport  – up at #7 a few days back.

Babylon Beatport #7

Amazing for a release that is 4 no-nonsense steppers on a label outside what would be considered the ‘big labels’ of our scene. Again, thanks everybody supporting. If you haven’t got the EP yet have a listen above and you can purchase it on Beatport:

Hannah Eve ‘My Heart Knows/For Sam’ is #1 on Beatport!

Today is a special day. The first single from Hannah Eve’s debut album has hit #1 on Beatport! I am very proud to have helped her to achieve this milestone, alongside Phil Tangent. But the fact that it has happened today is even more special…..

‘For Sam’ is a tribute to Hannah’s best friend Sam. The classical music you hear in the introduction is Hannah singing in a church. She was supposed to be singing with Sam but tragically he passed away two days before the concert. Hannah decided she wanted to go ahead with the performance, and with the help of her teacher accompanying her she got through the concert with as she described it “tears streaming down my face”.

When she asked me to get on board with her album project she sent me the recording and asked me to try to make this song work in a Drum & Bass track. I love combining classical/orchestral elements with DnB, although I’ll be honest when she told me the story behind the music I was feeling the pressure to make it really special. Once I had got the drop down I was happy, and after playing it at a few gigs I knew we had something powerful on our hands. I am glad people seem to agree!

Fast forward to today, and thanks to all you lovely people supporting us we have gone to the #1 spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Releases chart. The reason it is so special that it happened today?

Today is the 5th anniversary of Sam’s death. I am so proud to have helped Hannah create this beautiful tribute to her friend.




Tech Top Ten

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 20.55.06

These tunes are doing damage in my sets at the moment. Ten of the top techiest tunes! Click the image above to buy them on Beatport.

1) Philth – Destiny
2) Incognito – Reckless
3) Survival + Silent Witness – The Wall
4) Kai – Awake In The Night
5) Stealth – Scrummage
6) Frankee – Black Heart
7) Audio – Bag Of Bones
8) Philth – Overload
9) Wreckless – Sun Phobia
10) Ruffhouse – Greyscale