Phil:osophy – Searching For Meaning EP

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This one has been out for a few weeks now, but if you haven’t heard it yet then hit the links below to hear my second EP with Phil Tangent on Integral Records. If you’d told me 10 years ago that I would be releasing multiple EP’s on Artificial Intelligence‘s label I would have laughed in your face, but since I’ve linked up with Phil the music has been flowing beautifully and we’re close to completing EP 3.



If you like what you hear then head to the Integral store to bag yourself a copy on vinyl. Meanwhile we’ll put the finishing touches on the next project.



Hannah Eve ‘My Heart Knows/For Sam’ is #1 on Beatport!

Today is a special day. The first single from Hannah Eve’s debut album has hit #1 on Beatport! I am very proud to have helped her to achieve this milestone, alongside Phil Tangent. But the fact that it has happened today is even more special…..

‘For Sam’ is a tribute to Hannah’s best friend Sam. The classical music you hear in the introduction is Hannah singing in a church. She was supposed to be singing with Sam but tragically he passed away two days before the concert. Hannah decided she wanted to go ahead with the performance, and with the help of her teacher accompanying her she got through the concert with as she described it “tears streaming down my face”.

When she asked me to get on board with her album project she sent me the recording and asked me to try to make this song work in a Drum & Bass track. I love combining classical/orchestral elements with DnB, although I’ll be honest when she told me the story behind the music I was feeling the pressure to make it really special. Once I had got the drop down I was happy, and after playing it at a few gigs I knew we had something powerful on our hands. I am glad people seem to agree!

Fast forward to today, and thanks to all you lovely people supporting us we have gone to the #1 spot on Beatport’s Top 100 Releases chart. The reason it is so special that it happened today?

Today is the 5th anniversary of Sam’s death. I am so proud to have helped Hannah create this beautiful tribute to her friend.




Philth Tangent – live set from Sun and Bass

Tuesday night at Sun and Bass and I messaged Phil Tangent to ask if he wanted to get some food together. His reply: “Can’t mate – just found out I’m playing first set tonight. Fancy going b2b?”

Ambra Night is my favourite club in the whole world. Of course I wanted to play the set! 

So it turns out that our first set as Philth Tangent happened at Sun and Bass. What a way to kick things off. But when we got to Ambra Night it was already starting to rain, and the sound engineers were taping plastic sheets to the table above the decks! It was pretty mad playing at the beginning of a storm. They actually had to close the stage 15 minutes after we finished. The engineers were covering the decks with the sheets as much as possible, which is pretty confusing when you’re playing b2b on 3 decks. At one point the engineer had to wipe the rainwater off one of the decks – but it was still playing. Have a listen and see if you can spot it.

I’ve wanted to play at Ambra Night for years, and we were both really happy it was at Bailey’s night. Big thanks to all of you guys who danced in torrential rain to watch our debut Philth Tangent set – the first of many!

My Top Ten tunes for June: Deep Edition

Here’s a chart I put together for Juno. Deep vibes all the way!

1) Amparo – Between You & I [LIQUID TONES]
2) Philth – Heart Song [SOUL DEEP]
3) Bayou – Careless [FLEXOUT AUDIO]
4) Phil Tangent – Giving Up The Ghost [RUBIK]
5) Calibre – Cully Bridge [SIGNATURE]
6) Philth – Catharsis (ft Sinai) [SOUL DEEP]
7) Alix Perez – Playing Games (ft D’Ablo) [SHOGUN AUDIO]
8) Philth – Submarine [AUTOMATE]
9) Philth + Wreckless ft Formik – Now Or Never [PEER PRESSURE]
10) Alix Perez – Brokem Heart (ft Two Inch Punch) [SHOGUN AUDIO]

My Top Ten tunes for June

Top Ten for May

So here’s my top ten for May. Some new that music I’m playing a lot.

1. Eleven8 – Subterranean Wastelands (Philth remix)
2. M-Soul – Transposal
3. Phil Tangent – More Than You’ll Ever Know
4. Lenzman – Empty Promise
5. Kove – Gone
6. Philth – Violence
7. DLR + Prolix – Originate
8. Hybris – Losing It
9. Mefjus – Signalz
10. Arcaudio – Abyss